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Ring re-sizing


Ring re-sizing

We can size 9,14,18 & 22ct yellow, rose and white gold rings. We also size platinum, palladium and silver.

The majority of our sizing work is performed by laser or micro-arc welding, to ensure a seamless alteration.

The advantage of using a laser or arc welder is that gemstones do not need to be removed when sizing or repairing jewellery, as the stones will never be heated.

Metal of the same alloy, not solder, is used and you will not see where the ring was sized, this is particularly beneficial when sizing platinum, where soldered joints are often visible. 

Laser welds are also many times stronger than solder repairs.

If you have been told elsewhere that a ring cannot be sized because of heat-sensitive stones, a delicate setting or intricate design, please contact us for a reassessment.

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