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Our on-site workshop

Our fully equipped on-site workshop handled over 10,000 individual items of clients' jewellery in 2023.

A small selection of our most requested services are described here.

Please contact us or visit us in-store for information and assistance with your unique jewellery requirements.


Laser ring resizing

We can re-size 9,14,18 & 22ct yellow, rose and white gold rings. We also re-size platinum, palladium and silver.

Our in-house laser & micro-arc welding technology ensures a seamless alteration.


The great advantage of laser welding is that gemstones do not need to be removed when sizing or repairing jewellery, as the stones will not be heated.

Precious metal of the same alloy, not solder, is used and you will not see where the ring was sized.

Laser welds are also many times stronger than solder repairs.


If you have been informed elsewhere that a ring cannot be sized because of heat-sensitive stones, a delicate setting or intricate design, please contact us for a reassessment.

The typical cost of this service is £15 to £80 but can vary depending on the number of sizes we may be increasing by and the material we are

working with.

Please visit us in-store for a quotation.

View our price list


Diamond and precious stone replacement

We specialise in diamond and precious stone setting.

If a stone has been damaged or lost from an item of your jewellery, we can supply and set an indistinguishable replacement from our vast inventory of loose diamonds, precious and semiprecious gemstones.

Our in-house workshop is fully equipped with the latest GRS pneumatic micro tools for precision setting.


We work under specialist stereoscopic microscopes at a scale of one tenth of one millimetre to achieve jewellery perfection. 

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Rhodium plating

Our in-house, laboratory standard rhodium plating process ensures a perfect, ultra-bright, brilliant-white mirror finish to your white gold jewellery. 

On receiving your jewellery for rhodium plating:

• Gemstones (if present) and settings are checked for their condition.

• The surface of your jewellery is polished to a high gloss, mirror shine.

• Ultrasonic cleaning is performed.

• Electrolytic cleaning at a molecular level follows.

• Full immersion electrolytic plating with the very best quality pure rhodium.

•Final inspection performed at 20x magnification to confirm a perfect finish.

We do not use the inexpensive and less resistant platinum/rhodium mix solutions now widely available and commonly used elsewhere.


The typical cost of this service is £25

Your jewellery will often be ready for collection the following working day.

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Re-tipping & Claw replacement

Our state of the art pulse-arc and laser welding technology provides us with pinpoint precision and a far superior repair when compared to traditional soldering methods.

We have the ability to re-tip or replace individual, damaged claws, without the usual requirement to remove the entire set stone for risk of heat damage from a jeweller's torch.

We always offer free of charge, no obligation assessments of the condition of your jewellery.

The typical cost of our re-tipping service is £10 per claw but this can vary depending on the size & number of claws and the material we are working with.

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Ring shank replacement

Ring bands can endure years of scratching, denting and impacts. In time, this can take its toll on the thickness of the band and its strength. Our on-site goldsmith can seamlessly replace a worn band and restore your treasured ring to its original condition.

We can even change a yellow gold band for white gold band, or vice versa for your individual style.

Visit us in-store or enquire through our website to discuss your requirements.

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Bespoke jewellery

If you can dream a piece of jewellery, we can create it! 

Our design team and in-house goldsmith combine decades of passion, vision and expertise with the latest in computer aided design, 3D printing and precision hand stone setting.

Visit us in-store or enquire though our website to discuss the creation of your dream jewellery.


Chain and bracelet repairs

Seamless, invisible repairs on even the most delicate of chains are possible with our high precision workshop equipment. We can work with a wide range of metals, including gold, silver, platinum, titanium, steel and even base metals.

The typical cost of this service is £12-£15 but can vary depending on the material we are working with.

View our price list


Insurance and Probate Valuations

With over 90 years of combined experience within the jewellery trade, our in-house valuation team provide professional, detailed jewellery and timepiece assessments.

We utilise an extensive array of the latest gemmological and metallurgical testing equipment along with the most up-to-date knowledge of gemstones, precious metals and current market prices.

Our valuation work is performed on the premises

The cost of this service is £25 per item for a certificated valuation. We do not charge for verbal valuations.

Your jewellery will often be ready for collection within 7 working days.


Antique jewellery restorations

Repairs to a wide range of metals including gold, platinum, palladium, silver, steel and base metals.

Our extensive, in-depth knowledge of historical goldsmithing and silversmithing techniques, combined with our state of the art workshop allow us to expertly and invisibly restore delicate antique pieces.


We have the ability to perform the smallest to the most extensive of repairs, whilst preserving the original patina of a piece, retaining its historical significance.

View our price list


Watch battery replacement

Our professional watch battery replacement service is led by our in-house, qualified horologist.

We use only the best quality watch batteries.

The typical cost of this service is £7

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